Where’s Buddy Going: Tennessee War Memorial Auditorium

Normally we like to write about a venue that Buddy will be playing at, not one he has, but The Tennessee War Memorial Auditorium was just too amazing to pass up.

Dedicated in 1925 to the 3400 men and women of Tennessee who died in World War I, the war memorial is a standing reminder of how important the men and women of our military are to not only our everyday life but the arts as well.

“The general assembly passed the Tennessee Memorial Act slating a specific land in the city for official state government offices and specifically to make adequate recognition of the heroic valor of the sons and daughters of the state who served the U.S. government in the European war, bringing great honor to the commonwealth.“ – Wikipedia

[pullquote]President Nixon and President Kennedy both have given speeches from the steps of the Memorials as well.[/pullquote]

Upon arriving at the Memorial Auditorium you are greeted by a structure that rivals the beauty and magnificence of our own Lyric Operahouse (at least on the outside). With in the Memorial Auditorium grounds you will find finely crafted statues “Youth” by Belle Kinney Scholz. Scholz also crafted the Confederate Women’s Monument. in 1986 Alan LeQuire added the Vietnam War Monuments and in 1992 Russ Faxon added the Korean Monument. The War Memorial also houses the military branch of the Tennessee State Museum, which depicts the country’s wars throughout history. The most amazing feature of the building is the names of 3400 dedicated on tablets throughout the courtyard.


The War Memorial served as the home of the Grande Old Opry for 4 years in 1939, while the Ryman was restored. It has also served as host to numerous gubernatorial inaugurations. President Nixon and President Kennedy both have given speeches from the steps of the Memorials as well.

Since it’s dedication many of the worlds top acts have come to play at the auditorium, including David Bowie, Bette Davis, Willie Nelson, Berry Manilow and so many others.



Aaron Porter is a multimedia artist with a degree in Film and Animation. He has worked as a layout artist for Buddy Guys Legends for the last years as well as creating numerous works of art for the club. He also created Creepy Animals Alphabet Book an alphabet book for kids and adults alike at www.creepyanimalsbook.tumblr.com

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