Monday Night In A Jam: Non-amateur Hour At Legends

BY Aaron Porter

While it’s true that the some of the musicians that play at the Monday night jam aren’t regulars in a well-known or established named band, they are far from “amateurs”. Many of them have logged as many hours of any of us who are in pursuit of our dreams.

The night was a-buzz with energy, so many in attendance anticipating the music still to come. Some came from as far away as Brazil, but many were locals, looking to listen and looking to play. There was a dense energy rolling around the room as the players stalked the stage. Everyone felt it, but they would have to wait they would have to wait for the pride’s leader, Jimmy Burns, who played like a lion. Looking upon him his gray hair belayed the strength of this vocal talent and the deftness of his fingers as he worked the strings of his guitar. [pullquote]It could have been magic, or it could have been years of experience but to all who witnessed it, it was nothing short of amazing.[/pullquote]

Not long after The Jimmy Burns Band exited the stage, nervousness permeated the air. Understandably so – this was the Legends stage. Jimmy had roared, and his band did too. The calls to the stage began, “…on guitar…” was the first, “…on bass…” but the name called did not respond, “…on bass…” ah, a willing participant. Finally the group was formed: two guitar players, a key board/vocalist, a bass player, a drummer, and a trumpet player. They played well together, none trying to outshine or outplay the other, simply trying their best to do what players do and work together. Success appeared before them as the dust settled, and it was clear they had emerged victorious. The spectators had been entertained so much as those of ancient Greece. Applause rose and grew for their champions thunderously.

Jam Night 2         This event held so dear in the hearts of so many has become as rich and well beloved as any to appear at Legends or the city of Chicago for that matter. As I once heard someone say, “This place is where people can come and play their f#$@in’ guitars and sing their songs like they should be able to.” That was Buddy’s idea when he built the club: keeping in Chicago what belongs in Chicago.

This is one of the cornerstones of Legends Jam-night making sure the Blues always has a future and that we’re all a part of it, so come by, grab a seat or grab a guitar, and be a part of a future of something really great.



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