A Letter From Guido

Dear Mr. Buddy Guy I have just finished reading your book and I want to thank you, from of the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you for sharing not only your music but now also your magnificent life story with the rest of the world and with me.

[pullquote]…you made my dream come true and showed me all of those great men I would never get the chance to hear.[/pullquote]

I am a twentyfour years old young man from Argentina who began listening to the blues two years ago when i found out Eric Clapton was coming to Buenos Aires. That´s how I got started and I was thrilled so I did some research and found out about all the guys that came before and around Eric: Muddy, John Lee, Stevie Ray and Jimmie, Robert Johnson, Pinetop Perkins, Skip James, The Wolf, Sonny Boy and many other….and of course yourself. I also learnt a few things about the blues and how it first started in the Delta plantations and then moved up to Chicago where it was electrified. I loved all the stories but felt sad because I would never get to know what life was like in the Delta plantations or in the streets of Chicago during the fifties…and I felt that would help me understand a lot better the blues and the diferent stories you guys tell in all of your songs. I was afraid I would never get to know those times….and then I found out you were going to write your autobiography.

I had first heard of you through a news article in a newspaper artcile that said you were coming to perform in Buenos Aires, I remember reading this by chance on Febraury 2012 and you were described as “one of the oldest and greatest blues musicians alive” or something like that. This caught my eye and I was interested so I downloaded some of your records and read some things about your life. I found out you had played and got to know all the guys that started the blues, and I also loved your records so I went and got myself a ticket for the show you did on May 16th at the Gran Rex theatre. I still remember that show, oh boy you did left a mark on me, caused a great impact. I had never seen such a personality like that on stage before, such a way of playing the guitar: you played so loud you blew my glasses off and then you played so quiet I had to close my eyes and listen very close to hear the notes; you took me on a blues journey with John Lee, Muddy, Eric, Marvin Gaye, B. B. and many others….you made my dream come true and showed me all of those great men I would never get the chance to hear.

[pullquote]I am deeply, truly and always thankful to you.[/pullquote]

So when I read somewhere that you were going to write your autobiography I could not wait to get my hands on it and read it. My brother and father went on a business trip to USA and got me the book. Thanks to you I got to know all these great man I have dreamed of knowing, I could experience what was living on a Delta plantation, I walked the streets of Chicago, breathed the atmosphere of the blues clubs I have so much wanted to know, got to know two of my biggest idols: Muddy and B.B., cried when read about Stevie and the Alpine Valley gig, got excited when read about your father buying your first guitar from Coot, laugh my ass off when Leonard Chess asked you to kick his ass, was thrilled to read all of John Lee´s stories…to make a long story short I was able to experience a life and know a world I would have so much wanted to live and know for myself through the pages of your book…and for that I am deeply, truly and always thankful to you.

[pullquote]I hope you keep doing what you have been doing all your life…giving us comfort when going through bad times with your music…[/pullquote]

From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you again for sharing your life, your stories, anecdotes and experiences with me; for allowing me to know B.B., Muddy, John Lee, The Wolf, Sonny Boy, Little Walter, Junior Wells, Stevie Ray, and all the other bluesmen I will never get a chance to know in real life; for feeling what it was like to be around them, to play with them, laugh with them, cry with them through good times and bad times.

I hope you keep doing what you have been doing all your life thrilling as all with your music, making us excited with your guitar playing, giving us comfort when going through bad times with your music…I hope you keep playing and stay around a little longer because Damn Right, You´Ve Got The Blues!

With my most sincere thanks, my deepest affection and caring, and all off my love I thank you Buddy.

Truly yours

Guido from Buenos Aires Argentina.



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