Legends adds Jimi Hendrix shoes, scarf, belt to collection of rare memorabilia

Janie Hendrix and Buddy

Janie Hendrix and Buddy Guy, backstage at the Chicago theater

A new display has joined the rare memorabilia adorning the walls at Legends. Actually, it’s something old: a pair of shoes, a belt and a scarf worn by Jimi Hendrix.  The items were given to Buddy Guy personally by Hendrix’s sister Janie last March when the Experience Hendrix tour came to the Chicago theater. The photo shows him wearing the outfit on May 25, 1969 at a concert in Santa Clara, California.

Hendrix was profoundly influenced by Buddy’s guitar playing. He taped Buddy’s shows on several occasions, and once said, “Heaven is lying at Buddy Guy’s feet while listening to him play guitar.” The two have been musically linked ever since. As the Fender Player’s Club wrote, “Ironically, when Buddy’s playing technique and flamboyant showmanship were later revealed to crossover audiences in the late Sixties, it was erroneously assumed that he was imitating Hendrix.” Bringing things full circle, Buddy later incorporated an imitation of Hendrix into his live performances. He also recorded “Red House” for the Hendrix tribute album, “Stone Free.”

Jimi Hendrix shoes and scarf

Buddy Guy Imitates Jimi Hendrix



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