Language of the Blues: Saltwater

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Tis the latest installment of our weekly series The Language of the Blues, in which author and rock musician Debra Devi explores the meaning of a word or phrase found in the blues.

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Revenue men destroying alcohol

Revenue men destroying alcohol

is slang for alcohol. It shows up in the Charlie Patton song “Revenue Man Blues”:

My doney loves saltwater, she always wants a drink

If they see you with a bottle, they’ll almost break your neck

The “they” to which Charlie Patton was referring were the “Revenue Men” — feared Treasury Department agents known for their brutality who hunted down moonshiners during Prohibition.

“Revenue Man Blues”- Charlie Patton

Charlie Patton – “Revenue Man Blues”

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Debra Devi

Debra Devi

Debra Devi is the author of the award-winning blues glossary The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu and the singer/guitarist for the rock band DEVI.

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