Jeff Beck on Autonomous Cars: “Ridiculous”

306db9e3022242ace0c71ade96f3f6d0Like the layers of an onion! Apparently Jeff Beck knows how to use his hands for much more than guitar solos.

As reported by Stuff in New Zealand, the famed Yardbirds guitarist and solo artist who stopped by Legends for Buddy Guy’s eightieth birthday also has a penchant for hotrods. That he works on himself!

“If I worried about my fingers I’d never pick up a pair of pliers,” Beck stated in the article. He keeps a dozen at his home in England, along with two Land Rovers and a vintage Corvette.

If you think they’re just for show, they’re not. When the weather is nice enough, Beck is likely to tear up a road or two. With all the news about autonomous vehicles being pushed by Ford and Uber, you’d also think he’d want some skin in the game.

He doesn’t.

“Really, (autonomous cars are) the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s the removal of the very reason for driving, for some computer,” Beck said. “I can’t imagine wanting to buy one and those involved in building this should be locked up.”

“I don’t understand taking away the general satisfaction of being in control, where the joy of driving is removed for some crikey circuitry,” he says. “And how does it know what’s going on? They already had a crash where a white van came in front of the car and it couldn’t see it. I don’t want to sit in one of those things.”

Beck’s referring to the May crash of a Tesla in which the car’s driver was killed. The car was operating on Autopilot and did not recognise the white truck that passed in front of the sedan as being a solid object and did not slow down. Regulators are investigating.

He concluded his diatribe with sage advice that extends far beyond lovers of the blues: “If you can’t pay attention for long, you should not be driving.”


J. Howard Rosier

J. Howard Rosier

J. Howard Rosier has a journalism degree from Columbia College. He is currently studying writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he also serves as News Editor for FNews.

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