Taking our daughter, Sarah, to see Buddy Guy for the first time when she turned 21. And her meeting him after the show she told him the first CD she ever owned was a Junior Wells and Buddy Guy CD. He said to her “Bless you child.” Very cool.

Mike Shobutte


Buddy GuyI have been coming to Legends since the club opened in 1989.I remember a January show years back when the PA went out and Buddy said you know this ain’t right, everyone hang on to your stubs and we will have another show when we got the sound system fixed. Though, I do not frequent Legends as much as I used to I have seen many Blues legends perform there, many who have moved on to the big stage upstairs like Junior Wells, Luther Allison, Lefty Dizz and many, many others. Greatest Blues Venue on the globe as far as I am concerned.

Sincerely, Joseph D. Termini

I was at a show at Legends in 1990 that featured Albert Collins, Otis Rush and Buddy Guy all onstage together at once in what was truly a spectacular jam.  Buddy and Otis were in top form and Albert had his Telecaster and Quad Reverb set on stun. It was an awe-inspiring night that I’ll never forget.

 A.J. Love

I was a bad boy and waited all this time to finally see Buddy. I always wanted to see him, but when it gets to concerts I tend to get lazy and just keep putting it off.  Finally, I told my wife I was gonna get tickets and we are going! We finally saw Buddy January 15, 2009, the coldest day ever that January with 30 below wind chills! My wife and I spent the whole day there at Legends. We spent the night at the Hard Rock Hotel, and then got to club the next morning at 11 a.m. with only one other person there in line. When the doors opened we planted ourselves right in front of the stage. I was so glad I did and my wife too. She tends to like the music I do. She really didn’t know too many songs, but that night just like me she was amazed!   In fact, during the song Skin Deep, I looked over at my wife and she was crying. I asked her what is wrong and she said, “I’m just amazed how good he is.” That night is one of a few nights that we will always remember.   After the show, I was able to have Buddy sign a Fender Pick Guard that is off my Stevie Ray Vaughan series Fender guitar and he let me take a picture with him too, except a guy stepped in front and got into half of the picture.

Carl Kurek


Mark Augustine

Mark Augustine

Mark Augustine is a faculty member at Columbia College Chicago and a staff writer at BG: Blues And Music News.

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