In The Men’s Room

My fan story is about the first time I saw Buddy Guy in person. It wasn’t on stage. It was in the men’s room at the Cat’s Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC.

This was in the early 90’s, sometime after “Damn Right I Have the Blues” was released, either early 1992 or 1993. At the show, I went into the men’s room. I can’t remember if it was before the opening act (Chicken Wire Gang?) or between acts. In any case, I saw an African American man using a urinal. He had a guitar strapped around on his back. I thought, “Hmmmm, I wonder if that is Buddy?” I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t see his face and I surely did not want to stare at a man doing his business.

However, I quickly found out it was Buddy. On either side of him were 20-something kids. The one on his left was yelling “Goddamn, I am pissing next to Buddy Guy! Goddamn, I am pissing next to Buddy Guy!” The rest of us waiting in line were silent for second. Buddy just turned his head to the left, smiled big, looked back at us waiting, shook his head and went on and finished his business. Everyone in there cracked up and laughed right along with Buddy.

Chuck Logsdon



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