Gear Guys: Robert Baglione

The Player:

  • Robert Baglione
  • Lead guitar player for Sheryl Youngblood
  • Full time touring musician based in Chicago
  • Also works/records out of Nashville and New York

John Suhr Scott Henderson Jazz Model

The Guitar:

  • John Suhr Scott Henderson Jazz Model (discontinued)
  • Stratocaster-like hybrid
  • Humbucker pickups in bridge and neck, John Suhr single-coil pickup in the middle
  • Ultra light alder body construction

The Strings:

  • D’Addario EXL 110 nickel wound

The Pedals:

  • TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb
  • TC Electronics ND-1 Nova Delay
  • DOD FX-65 Stereo Chorus
  • TC Electronics PolyTune Poly-Chromatic Tuner
  • Boss FV-50H Stereo Volume
  • Fulltone Full-Drive-2 Overdrive
  • Nady TD-1 Classic Tube Distortion
  • Boss DS-1 Distortion

The Amps:

  • Typically two Fender or Fender-like 50 watt amplifiers run in stereo. When performing at Legends, Robert uses the house Fender Twin Reverb and Fender Bassman amplifiers.



Mark Augustine

Mark Augustine

Mark Augustine is a faculty member at Columbia College Chicago and a staff writer at BG: Blues And Music News.

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