Gear Guys: Morry Sochat

Morry Sochat of The Special 20’s loves harmonicas so much, he even named his band after one. So it’s no surprise that he takes his gear pretty seriously. Here’s a list of the equipment that the vocalist and harmonica player takes with him on stage every night:


Hohner Special 20 – almost identical to classic Hohner Marine Band harmonica, except comb is made of plastic for comfort and ease of play

Seydel Super-Low in keys of F, C, and D – hold low tones better than Hohner harmonicas.

GearGuys - Morry


Fender ’61 Concert and ’61 Fender Deluxe – original “brown era” Fender amplifiers that break up early and provide overdrive without maxing out volume


MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay – used minimally for “slap-back” effect


Harmonica: Shure 520DX “Green Bullet”- the definitive blues harmonica microphone, provides tone and crunch

Vocal: Shure Super 55 – Designed to look identical to the vintage Shure 55, but with modern audio performance. Also incredibly durable and conducive to on-stage shenanigans.


For more information on Morry Sochat and The Special 20’s, including tour schedules, visit

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