Concert Review: Big Bill Morganfield at Blind Willie’s Blues Club

Concert Review: Big Bill Morganfield at Blind Willie’s Blues Club
by The Real Blues Babe
January 12, 2013

The Shadows open to a packed house, in a smokey little room, called Blind Willies Blues Club. After they get the atmosphere thick with a blues mood, they announce the star of the evening: “Mr. Big Bill Morganfield, from Chicago, IL….”

Out walks a larger than life, 6’5″, musclebound bluesman who epitomizes all that blues is, was, and will ever be. From his low-brim pinstriped hat and dark black glasses all they way down to his black and white, two-toned shoes, his very presence fills the room with anticipation and excitement. From the first note of his signature red Gibson guitar, Big Bill delights the crowd with self-written tunes and legendary blues hits.

When Big Bill began his dedication to all the blues greats including Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Pinetop Perkins, we all knew something BIG was about to happen. As if the ‘old blues men’ themselves were standing watch at the four corners of the room, pattin their feet and waiting for THE LICK, out comes the infamous 5 notes that will bring any blues enthusiast to their feet. [pullquote]Big Bill lays down ‘Mannish Boy’ like no other on the planet. [/pullquote]The whole room exploded as Big Bill hollered, howled, sang, and shouted his way through the song with electrifying chords, and rhythms. There was not a butt in a chair, as the crowd soaked up his stellar performance, like a sponge. The end of the set left everyone awestruck, breathless, and full of chatter. I have never seen anything like it in all my travels. If you were not in the room last night, you certainly missed a sight to see!

Big Bill goes on to perform other songs like X-Rated Lover, Blow Wind Blow, and My Love is Real with the same level of energy and electricity. He even gave us, privileged enough to be in attendance, a sneak peek into the upcoming CD by playing some tunes from it.

All told, Big Bill clearly gives all he’s got to put on a FANTASTIC performance. From the first note to the last, this performance was worth every penny (and that’s saying a lot in this economy). If you are ever in the mood for some traditional, soul-stirring blues, be sure to catch Big Bill Morganfield wherever he may be playing. This blues babe promises you won’t be sorry.

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