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melody-angel-ft-image-exportSome great press over at National Rock Review about Melody Angel’s show at the club in early September.

“Melody clearly draws her inspiration from her environment,” writes author Kristine Walton, adding that “her music carries a powerful message (such as ‘Cease Fire’).”

As the set moved on, Melody closed out with a cover of Jimi Hendrix, who she said opened her eyes to guitar as a kid. She took all guitar duties herself on the night, providing an excellent platform for her phenomenal voice.

She ended the show with an encore and a standing ovation–“not a bad start for a Legends’ debut,” as Walton noted.
Read the rest of her write-up here. And be sure check out Angel the next time she is at Legends or in town!


J. Howard Rosier

J. Howard Rosier

J. Howard Rosier has a journalism degree from Columbia College. He is currently studying writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he also serves as News Editor for FNews.

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