CD Review: Selwyn Birchwood – Don’t Call No Ambulance

Addicted To Your Love starts off the debut of the highly popular Selwyn Birchwood despite being one of the least interesting songs on the album. The longer you listen the more you start to feel a certain amount of overworking to the entire album. An understandable and forgivable mistake when given that as an artist and label you want the best product you can muster. Sometimes however, it is simply better to let something be what it is. Maybe it’s not considered appropriate to start your album with the title track but I really wished they would have on Don’t Call No Ambulance, it is a bad ass track with a ton of elements working exactly as they should leaving you pumped and ready to kick some ass.

Selwyn’s style and talent is clearly better afforded a more natural and loose setting. If they had recorded him and the band just hanging out in the garage or a small club I could see this album receiving laurels and awards unseen since BB Kings Live at the Regal.

4961rgbIn the blues community it is oft asked, “who is going to fill those shoes” but from what I can see, the blues is well and safe and ready for a new, brighter future with leaders like Johnny Lang and new breaking artists like Selwyn.

A technically sound album while not always a good thing, also does not denote a bad thing, it’s just a thing. Selwyn’s vocals are a anomaly, a gift for him and his fans. His voice comes across as an aged blues man, but with an articulation that allows us to actually understand what he’s singing. Crystal clear lyrics, with the perfected grizzly voice we’ve come to love and expect from our top blues performers.

This particularly shines on the tracks that are sexy and sultry, and there are a few to enjoy on Don’t Call No Ambulance. Brown Paper Bag hits it on the head; it is a blues song in every sense of the word and feeling. Walking In The Lions Den conjures images or smoky, sweaty, and dark speakeasy’s making you want to dance slowly with a partner in a way that will certainly lead to a nice long night.

Love Me Again brings us back to a summer time slow dance with that special someone and summons memories of The Jeff Healy Band and so many other really talented musicians sharing their all to familiar story, one that we’re more than happy to listen to more than once.

Don’t Call No Ambulance hits more often than it misses, but the overworked, cleanliness of the album is a disappointing mistake I hope is remedied in Selwyn’s next album, which I’m very much looking forward to.



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