CD Review: Extra Jimmies

Jimmy Thackery • Extra Jimmies • Blind Pig Records

Extra Jimmies is the latest album from Jimmy Thackery and from first looks it looks to want to tackle the age old war of the sexes, to be or not to be, what should we? Though surprisingly enough many of the tunes contained there in while present in a male voice seemed to me to be intended for anyone in need of them. It isn’t often you get a emotional point of view from male blues singers but aside from the continuous guitar ripping, it is the most predominate aspect of the album.

Extra JimmiesWell, that’s not entirely true; I’m getting ahead of myself a bit. Firstly, the album is well mixed, allowing Jimmy and his guitar to lead the way while the rest happily play along to a group of tunes that are all in all enjoyable and fun to listen to. Write If You Find Love the opener is a bit of a conundrum. It feels like a throw back to the 80’s that’s trying to remain relevant, but that you’d also find in some of the more rural joints.

Of course what blues album would be complete without the double entendre?

[pullquote]”More Jimmies hits that mark with its blend of swamp, soul, swing, and rock, it’s all there and with very few exceptions”[/pullquote]

Any if you’d ask me, the songs are good for a laugh, but take away from anything the track might have to offer content wise.So is the case with “Lickin’ Gravy”. As far as entendres go I have to commend the writer for constantly searching for new low brow ways to stretch the metaphor for sex, oral or otherwise, but do we really need more blatant and frat-like reminders of how sexy the blues can be or in the case of the entendre, raunchy.

BP-8014The ballad “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” is a sweet song that anyone in a relationship can get behind. Its honesty and heartfelt composition will prompt you to grab your guy or lady and take a quick slow dance break just to remind the two of you of how much more interesting life is with them in it.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of More Jimmies is the variety of styles that are being thrown at you. Thackery is clearly a fan of the music he plays and isn’t satisfied with sticking to one style, which if done well can produce not only an interesting album but one that’ll end up getting more than one play through. More Jimmies hits that mark with its blend of swamp, soul, swing, and rock, it’s all there and with very few exceptions Thackery has earned my curiosity. We’ll be waiting to see what he comes up with next.



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