Build Your Own Guitar: Fender’s Mod Shop

fender-mod-shop-2-1200-80BG designer, Sound Design columnist and overall layout guru Aaron Porter has alerted everyone in the office to the Mod Shop over at Fender.

The program, which features four model templates (two guitar; two bass), allows musicians to choose the fingerboard, tuning machine, pickguard combo, and pickup of their choice in addition to selecting the bridge, hardware, and body color. Then, your exclusive design will be built at Fender’s Corona, CA factory and shipped to you in thirty days.

Prices start at $1650.

A way for musicians to differentiate themselves in an increasingly homogenized marketplace? Digital manufacturing being normalized in yet another facet of our lives? Maybe. But it’s also wicked fun. They don’t charge you for the test runs, after all.

J. Howard Rosier

J. Howard Rosier

J. Howard Rosier has a journalism degree from Columbia College. He is currently studying writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he also serves as News Editor for FNews.

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