Buddy sings to Grumpy Floyd

My husband and I started going to Buddy’s January shows at Legends in the early 90’s. Most of those shows we went early and stood in line hours before the doors opened, freezing in the cold  hoping to get a table up close, which we usually did. I have a few stories from different shows that have stuck in my aging mind. One year our table was more to the back of the room, but there was this couple at the table in front of us.. making out through the whole show. I thought how silly they were, I don’t even like to drink at the shows because I don’t want to have to use the restroom and miss one second of Buddy! Anyway the guy finally did get up to go get a drink or use the restroom and it happened to be at the same time Buddy came out into the audience. Buddy went straight to his girl and sat on her lap, I’m sure he had spotted them making out. By the time the guy got back to his girl, he had missed Buddy.. she was so worked up and excited she had a hard time telling him what had happened it seemed. He didn’t believe her at first but he did finally, he was upset.. he missed his chance to be so close to Buddy. The audience had a good laugh and I’m guessing Buddy did too.

My next great memory from a Buddy show involves my husband, Floyd…those of us who love him refer to him as “Grumpy”…which easily should explain his personality. Our table at this show was very close to the stage and Buddy had to have noticed his grumpy face…even though Floyd loves Buddy and his shows almost as much as I do. When Buddy came out into the audience at this show he was going up to people in the audience and having them sing into the mic. Of course Buddy made his way over to Floyd and did his best to get my husband to sing a line or two, I was beside myself with excitement that Buddy was right next to me…my husband, a rock. Buddy had to move on, but bless his heart for trying to get my grumpy old man to sing!

My favorite memory is from Buddy’s show at Legends in 1997. Near the end of the night there was an announcement that Buddy would be signing autographs if you wanted to stick around for a bit after the show. I had to stay for that, Buddy is my most favorite blues man! So I stood in line, Buddy looked tired and had his coat on ready to go. My turn came I was so excited..I handed him my ticket stub and when he handed it back to me I blurted out “I love you Buddy”, he looked up at me and said “I love you too”. I know he has had thousands and thousands of people say this to him and I’m sure he has said it back just as many times. I felt like a 16 year old girl in that moment, even though I was 39,and married with 2 children! Every time I look at that signed ticket stub I remember that moment in time and feel like a silly 16 year old..and smile. Sadly we moved to Ohio for my husband’s job in 2004, and only have been to a few of Buddy’s shows since. If it were possible I would go to every Buddy show..I love you Buddy!!

Thanks for the wonderful memories and music,

Linda Cockefair



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