Buddy Guy releases polka dot beer, “The Buddy Brew”

It’s a beer 25 years in the making. To celebrate 25 years of blues at Buddy Guy’s Legends, iconic bluesman Buddy Guy is releasing his own beer:  The Buddy Brew. Buddy partnered with the Chicago Beer Company to produce this tasty Belgian-style wheat ale. Hardcore blues fans have already tried it- it went on tap at Legends in January for Buddy’s annual residency, and they quickly drank the kegs dry. It’s instantly recognizable by the polka dot guitar tap handle.

Tap Handle

The Tap Handle

“What’s more natural than blues and beer?” asks Johnny Sims, Legends’ point man on the beer project.  Now Buddy’s taking it to the next level, with polka dot bottled beer heading out for distribution in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, and of course Illinois, with more locations already in the works. 

For those who don’t already know, Buddy has a special relationship with polka dots. When he first left home, he promised his mother that when he was successful he would buy her a polka dot Cadillac. She never got to see him play before she passed on, so to honor her memory he had Fender make a polka dot guitar, and he’s been sporting polka dots ever since. Now the polka dots have made their way to his latest in a long lifetime of achievements: the Buddy Brew.


Legends staffers Daneesha and Sianna sporting their Buddy Brew t-shirts at Buddy's birthday bash

Legends staffers Daneesha and Sianna sporting their Buddy Brew t-shirts at Buddy’s birthday bash






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