Buddy Guy at the Edgewater E

Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy at the Edgewater E Center

Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 7:05 PM MDT

There’s an interesting connection between two of the acts coincidentally performing in Laughlin on the very same night, Saturday, April 6. Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, who will be performing in the Aquarius Pavilion at the Aquarius (see page 8), were asked to perform as part of a lineup of artists paying tribute to Led Zeppelin during a Kennedy Center Honors celebration program last December.

Buddy Guy, who performs in Laughlin at the same time as Heart, but in the E Center at the Edgewater, was also honored during that same Kennedy Center program. But that’s just about where the connections end. Heart rocks from the heart; Buddy Guy rocks from the soul.

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