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Fan Question #1: Everyone is familiar with your love of polka dots. Any good stories behind that love and how it came to be, or do you just love polka dots? – Todd, Mokena IL

We asked Buddy to tell us the story behind the polka dots and here’s what he had to say – “I was my mother’s first and only child to leave Baton Rouge, so she was always worried about me. To keep a smile on her face, [pullquote]I used to promise her that one day I would come back home in a polka dot Cadillac[/pullquote]. She never got to see me play before she passed, but my polka dot guitar will always be a symbol of the promise I made to her.”

Fan Question #2: You’ve had some of the world’s most amazing talent on your stage at Legends. What was it like to have The Rolling Stones come to your club to perform? – Steve, Darien CT

Here’s what Buddy had to say about his history with The Stones – “The first time I ever saw The Rolling Stones in person was at Chess studios in the early sixties. They were sitting there watching me do a cut called “My Time After A While”. I didn’t actually meet them at that time, but I saw them sitting there and I was kind of confused because I’d never seen a white man with long hair before! Years later, after we became friends, they ended up coming down to the old Checkerboard Lounge. They’d been saying for years that they were going to come, so when they finally did, of course the media caught wind of it. Me and Junior Wells were coming to the club straight from the airport, and when we got there the police had all of 43rd Street blocked off. So they stopped us and said, “Sorry, you can’t go down this block. The Rolling Stones are playing down there”. Thankfully one of them recognized me and said, “You better let him through – He owns the club!” So we got out of the cab and walked 2 blocks down to the club with all of our gear, and when we got there, there were people hanging out of windows, yelling from the rooftops – I had one guy yell at me, “Hey Buddy, I’ll give you $1,000 just to get in there!” and here I am crying out of one eye saying to myself, “Can’t we at least let that guy in?”

Thanks to everyone who submitted, this time around, if your question didn’t get answered we keep them on file for the next issue, because everyone deserves to ask Buddy.

Todd Beebe

Todd Beebe

Todd Beebe is a full time musician/teacher in the Chicago area and a staff writer at BG: Blues And Music News. His first exposure to music was hearing his Grandfather's bands playing Traditional Country music by the likes of Hank Williams Sr., The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers. Tracing the roots of that music lead him to his love of the Blues. Todd is available for private guitar instruction at All About Music, Inc. in Mokena, IL. 708-479-0440 For more info contact him @ 708-214-6459 or visit

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