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Tim Mattox shared this terrifying tale of the blues:

I’ve got a Buddy Guy story. I’m Tim Mattox and I’m a bluesaholic and love the stories that the blues lifestyle often generates. One of my favorite questions revolves around the clubs and venues and how wild they sometimes become. The answers are legendary but the response I got from Buddy Guy has never been topped. Never!

This was the question and Buddy’s response….

Tim: “I’ve heard some horrific stories from players like Snooky Pryor, Willie Dixon, Otis Rush, Charlie Musselwhite and a lot of others about the wildness that occurred in some of Chicago’s bars and after-hours blues joints. These venues were often called, ‘the Bucket O’ Blood.’ You ever play in a place called the ‘Bucket O’ Blood?’”

Buddy Guy: (Laughing) ”I think that (still laughing) I think if you really wanted to name ‘em, they had more than one. Yeah, I played in one…that’s the first time I ever saw a guy get stabbed with a ice pick. It was one called the Squeeze Club, but anytime somebody got shot or hurt in there, they called it a ‘bucket o’ blood.’ They had one, you remember Freddie King, right? He made a record called, ‘Hideaway.’ Well that club… that was the name of the club after they changed it. It was once called, ‘Tay May’s,’ it was called ‘Mel’s Hideaway,’ I think. It was Mel’s Hideaway when this guy went in there early in the morning in Chicago, like I said, in the heyday of the steel mills and the stockyards, everything was 24/7. And this guy walks in there around 7 o’clock in the morning and orders two Budweisers. And the only guy in there was the bartender and he was filling the cooler. You take the cold beer out and put the hot beer in and put the cold beer on top, so you can sell the cold beer to the guy that walks in. This guy walks in and orders two Buds. The bar guy serves him the two Buds and went back to fillin’ his box up. I guess he thought the guy was waiting on somebody else to come drink the other Bud with him but the guy had a paper sack…with a woman’s head in it. Yea…and when the guy come up out of the box (Buddy starts to chuckle, probably because of my facial tic and doofus-like expression) he saw the guy take the woman’s head out and set it beside the Budweiser, sittin’ there drinking his, like I’m talking to you now. That was the club Freddie King named the Hideaway song after, that was it. That was Roosevelt Road.”

PS. Thank you Mr Guy, for all the great years of music and continued success in all that you do.

Your fans, Tim and Yachiyo Mattox



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