Welcome to the new Buddy Guy’s Legends Bluesletter, or as we’re now calling it, “BG.”

The Bluesletter has changed a lot over the years. We’ve had different editors, different writers, even a new address. But right now is our biggest change yet. For many years, you have enjoyed holding the Bluesletter in your hand, perhaps caressing its glossy cover, dog-earing pages that contain favorite articles and interviews. Maybe you have even hoarded stacks of them over the years in the hope that they may someday drastically appreciate in value. (Spoiler alert: they won’t.)

But life moves much faster than a bi-monthly mailer. When something happens in the world of the blues, we want to be able to tell you about it. Instantly. We want to offer you fresh content several times a week, soon even daily. That’s why we’re moving our magazine online, and changing the name to reflect the new approach. At the new “BG,” our talented staff of writers, artists, and editors will be working around the clock to bring you relevant and introspective pieces about the blues, as well as the larger worlds of music, art, and culture.

There is still everything here that you have come to know and love about the “analog” version of the Bluesletter: schedules and bios of all upcoming bands at Legends, reviews of the newest album releases from the major blues labels, interviews of artists and bands that perform at the club, as well as retrospectives of legendary blues musicians. We have even gone to the trouble of cataloguing years worth of back-issues into a searchable database, so you can go back and find that one article about the guy whose name you can’t quite remember. You’re welcome.

So there you have it. Welcome to a brave new world of digital wonderment. It’s going to be a long, strange trip. We’re glad to have you on board.



BG is a free magazine bringing you stories about Buddy Guy's Legends, blues music, and music generally. Please direct submissions to buddyguyslegends@gmail.com for consideration.

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